One shrine to the next, the hermit can't stop for breath. Soul, get this! You should have looked in the mirror. Going on a pilgrimage is like falling in love with the greenness of faraway grass.     Lala Ded

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Kashmiri Pandits have History of over 5000 years

The Kashmiri Pandits (also known as Kashmiri Brahmins)are a Saraswat Brahmin community from the Kashmir Valley,a mountainous region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri Pandits are the original inhabitants of Kashmir Valley and only remaining Kashmiri Hindu community native to the Kashmir Valley

History of Guru Tegh Bahadur

The foundation of Sikhism was laid by Guru Nanak Dev Ji about 500 years ago. This was the time when people were badly affected by superstitions, rituals, renunciation and hypocrisy. He opposed these & demonstrated their futility by simpler & practical instances from day to day life. His teachings on way of life were (1) NAM JAPNA - Meditation (2) KIRTKARNI-To do one's duty and live truthfully & honestly (3) VAND CHAKNA - To share the fruits of one's labour with others. He was a true secular and was acclaimed by both Hindus & Muslims. When he passed away, Hindus wanted to cremate him whereas Muslims insisted on giving him a burial. The same secular setting was practiced and preached by all Sikh Gurus who followed Guru Nanak. It is pertinent to mention that it was the Muslim Sufi saint 'SainMian Mir1, whom the fifth Sikh Guru "Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji" invited to lay the foundation stone of Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple-Amritsar), where subsequently, first volume of Guru Granth Sahib (Holy Book of Sikhs) was installed. In this Holy Guru Granth we also find prominent mention of four 'Vedas' of the Hindus and the holy 'Quran' & the 'Allah'. Sikh Gurus were not only spiritual leaders, they were also concerned about social obligations. They advocated complete equality for women who had for ages been considered inferior to men & upped the ante against practice of "SATI". They were also aware of scientific facts & environmental significance. 500 years ago Guru Nanak had revealed that there are innumerable worlds over worlds, galaxies over galaxies & universes over universes - PAATALA PAATAL, LAKHAGAASA AGAAS. All this is being proved so by science today. With reference to preservation of environment, as envisaged now, he had said: PAWAN GURU, PAANI PITA, MATA DHARATMAHAT. Nine Gurus who followed Guru Nanak, further fortified the core of Sikhism till it matured and acquired singular identity as "Khalsa"- embodiment of purity, valor and protector of the weak, oppressed & the women folk. History stands testimony to this that Khalsa took upon themselves as saviors of India from the early years of their creation in 1699 AD and stood as a strong wall on Indian Border.

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