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A History of Afghanistan, Vols. I & II Brig. Gen. Sir Percy Sykes
A History of the Sikhs Joseph Davey Cunningham
A Holiday Trip in Kashmir Samsar Chand Koul
A Journey from Bengal to St. Petersburg George Forster
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Afghanistan from Darius to Amanullah Lt. Gen. Sir George Macmunn
Ain-i-Akbari Abul Fazal, tranlated by Jarret
Ain-i-Akbari Jarret Translated (Abul Fazal)
An Essay on the Asian Order of Architec¬ture as Exhibited in the Temples of Kashmir Sir A. Cunningham
Ancient Monuments of Kashmir Ram Chandra Kak
Archaeological Remains in Kashmir Pandit Anand Koul
Changing Face of India - Essays in Honour of Balraj Puri - Ved Bhasin and Om Prakash Saraf (Editors)
Chronicles of the Kings of Kashmir, English Translation of the Rajatarangini, Vols. I & II. M.A. Stein
Civil And Military Affairs of Maharaja Ranjit Singh - Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar J. S. Grewal and Indu Banga
Culture and Political History of Kashmir. - 3 Vols P.N.K. Bamzai
Curfewed Night Basharat Peer
Danger in Kashmir Joseph Korbel
Death of Dreams - A Terrorists Tale (2000) Aditya Sinha
Defending Kashmir Publications Division, Govt. of India
Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs. J. Hinton Knowles
E.F. Schonberg Travels in India and Kashmir
Early History and Culture of Kashmir Sunil Chandra Ray
Early India and Pakistan Sir Mortimer Wheeler
Encyclopaedia of Indian Archaeology, New Delhi, 1989, Vol. II A. Ghosh,
etudes- Tranquebar Aseem Kaul
Facets of Shri Chandi-Nava Durga (श्री दुर्गासप्तशती) Dr Chaman Lal Raina
Farooq Abdullah- Kashmirs Prodigal Son (1996) Aditya Sinha
Five Thousand years of Indian Art Hermann Goetz
Folk-Tales of Kashmir J. Hinton Knowles
Founding of the Kashmir State K.M. Panikkar
Generation of Rage in Kashmir David Devadas
Grammar of the Kashmiri Language T.R. Wade
Heritage of Kashmir - Gulshan Publishers, Srinagar, Kashmir, 1980. F. H Husnain,
History of Culture of the Indian People, Vols: 1-5 R.C. Majumdar
History of Indian and Eastern Architecture James Ferguson
History of Struggle for Freedom in Kashmir Prem Nath Bazaz
Indian Architecture (Buddhist and Hindu Period). Percy Brown
Indian Architecture (Islamic Period). Percy Brown
Indian Sculpture and Painting E.B. Havel
Jammu and Kashmir State Pandit Anand Koul
Kashir, Vols. I & II. Dr. G.M.D. Sufi
Kashmir Sir Francis Younghusband
Kashmir - Hindu Religious Culture Chaman Lal Gadoo
Kashmir - The Untold Story Humra Quraishi
Kashmir —An Historical Introduction J. P. Ferguson
Kashmir Monthly, Vols. I-1X Publications Division, Govt. of India
Kashmir Story Publications Division, Govt. of India
Kashmir Under the Sultans Mahibul Hasan
Kashmir-The Vajpayee Years A. S. Dulat & Aditya Sinha
Kashmiri —English Dictionary Dr. Elmslie
Kaśmīraśāktadarśanam and Bhavānīsahsranāmanirūpaņam कश्मीरशाक्तदर्शनम् एवं च भवानीसहस्रनामनिरूपणम् Dr Chaman Lal Raina
Kings of Kashmira, English translation of the Rajatarangini, Vol III. Jogesh Chunder Dutt
Lalla Vakyani Sir George Grierson
Lalla-Yogishwari Pandit Anand Koul
Letters from India, 2 Vols. Victor Jacquemont
Linguistic Survery of India, Vol. VII, Part II. Sir George Grierson
Mountain Ecosystem of the Dal lake. A. N. Fotidar, & G.H Kango
Nilamat Purana, Vols I and II. Dr Ved Kumari Ghai
On the occurence of Platanus orientalis L in Kashmir A .N. Fotidar,
Our Moon Has Blood Clots - The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits Rahul Pandita
Reflections on Burzahom and Semthan excavations R.S. Bisht,
Shri Chakreshvara Stutih श्री चक्रेश्वर स्तुतिः ( Priya Bindu Tarpan - Para ) प्रिय बिन्दु तर्पण परा Dr Chaman Lal Raina
Shri Chakreshvara Stutih श्री चक्रेश्वर स्तुतिः ( Priya Bindu Tarpan - Para ) प्रिय बिन्दु तर्पण परा Dr Chaman Lal Raina
The ancient Monuments of Kashmir.- The India Society, 3, Victoria Street, London, 1933. R.C Kak,
The Cambridge History of India, Vol. III. Lt. Col. Haig, Sir Wolsely
The Cashmere Shawl Charles White
The Cultural Heritage of India Haridas Bhattacharya
The Early History of India Vincent A. Smith
The Gardens of the Great Moghuls Mrs. Villiers Stuart
The Greeks in Bactria and India R.R. Tarn
The Jammu and Kashmir Territories Frederick Drew
The Kashmiri Pandit Pandit Anand Koul
The mystical verses of Lalla. New Delhi; Motilal Banarsidass. 2007. Jaishree Kak,
The Plio-Pleistocene record of Kashmir Valley,-A review". D. P. Agarwal,
The River of Kings-English translation of Kalhanas Rajatarangini R.S. Pandit
The Valley of Kashmir Walter Roper Lawrence
The Word of Lalla Sir R. Temple
Through Asia - Harper Brothers, London, 1899. Hedin, Sven
Travels in India, Second Edition revised by Smith. Francois Bernier
Travels in Kashmir and the Punjab Hugel, Carl A.A.
Travels in Kashmir, Ladak, Iskardu (1835-9) Vols. I & II G.T. Vigne
Travels in the Himalayan Provinces {1819 -35). W. Moorcraft and C Trebeck
Travels in the Himalayan Provinces {1819 -35). C Trebeck and W. Moorcraft
Two Nations and Kashmir Lord Birdwood
Where Three Empires Meet E.F. Knight
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