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फाल्गुन कृष्ण पक्ष, मगंलवार, त्र्यहः

Virasat Se

1991 05 Editors Mail By Ravinder Pandita

Date:- 01 May 1991

1991 05 Editor's Mail By Ravinder Pandita


Dear Editor,


I am a regular subscriber and a reader of 'Koshur Samachar' with interest. Its contents and other allied material and overall get-up are very good. I have observed that the condition of only those Kashmiri migrants is very much highlighted who are putting up in your managed camps. There are hundreds of other families who have arranged shelter with their relatives, friends or in rented houses, but are facing much more hardships than the sufferers putting up in the camps. Some of these are, no doubt, getting the benefits of relief, rations and other assistance. But they are unable to seek proper guidance and information. May I suggest esteemed authorities to verify such migrants, and include such sufferers also into consideration for assistance in the manner like those in the camps.


New Delhi

Ravinder Pandita


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Courtesy: May 1991, Koshur Samachar