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फाल्गुन कृष्ण पक्ष, मगंलवार, त्र्यहः

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2012 04 KS Editors Mail Damodara I, and not Gonnada, I, was killed by Krishna

Date:- 01 Apr 2012

KS Editor's Mail Damodara I, and not Gonnada, I, was killed by Krishna

M M Munshi  

Apropos the article "Sanskrit Civilization of Ancient Kashmir '' by C.L. Gadoo is very interesting and the author deserves to be congratulated for the same. It has been mentioned in para second of the article that Pandit Kalhana begins writing the Rajtarangini with an account of King Gonnada I, who took part in the Mahabharata war and was killed." I would like to point out that neither Nilamata Purana nor Kalhana mention Gonnada taking part in the Mahabharata War and getting killed. According to Kalhana the powerful ruler of Kasmira being called upon for help by his relative Jarasamdha, King of Magadha, besieged Krishna, the divine hero in the town of Marhura. After a prolonged contest the King of Kashmir was slain by Krishna's brother Balbhadra. Damodara I, his son, who succeeded him, wished to avenge his father's death, attacked Krishna and other scions of Yadavs at a swayamvara, to which they had been invited... In the contest with Krishna, Damodara was killed, whereupon the disk- wielding god had Yasomati, the slain king's pregnant widow, installed on the throne... In due course of time the queen bore a son, Gonnada II, who was crowned king. He was still an infant at the time of the Great War (Mahabharta war) took place and was hence not taken either by Kurus or the Pandavas to assist them in their war.


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Courtesy:- M M Munshi and 2012 April Koshur Samachar