Rig Veda      इममिन्द्र सुतं पिब ज्येष्ठममर्त्यं मदं।     शुक्रस्य त्वाभ्यक्षरन्धारा ऋतस्य सादने।। ऋग्वेद १-८४-४।।               हे इंद्र (जीवात्मा), तुम अमृत्व और भक्ति का रस पान करो। पवित्र और आनंदमय उपासना की सत्य और विधियुक्त धाराओं को अपने हृदयप्रदेश में बल और महिमा प्रदान करने के लिए बहने दो। (ऋग्वेद १-८४-४)            O Indra (soul), you drink the juice of immortal and devotion. Let the purifying and blissful streams of devotion flow for you into the seat (heart) of truth and law to achieve pure and brilliant power and glory. (Rig Veda 1-84-4)

02.06.2020 अज़ छि न्यर्ज़ला काह (निर्जला एकादशी) ज़्येठॖ (ज्येष्ठ) ज़ूनॖ पछॖ (शुक्ल पक्ष) काह (देवादेव) (एकादशी) बॊम्वार (मंगलवार) श्री सप्तर्षि सम्वत 5096, Jyesth Maas Shukla Paksh Nerzala Ekadashmiyaam Partamiyaam Duadashmiyaam Mangalvaasra sanayitaam. Kashmiri Pandit Nirvasan Samvat_ 31 Sapthrishi Samvat _ 5096
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(Ram Navami) at home at 9.30 p.m. Seeing that the daughter was shocked to hear this, Shri Bola Nath remarked that he was only joking, but that one day everybody had to give up his body. Even though he was ill, he went to see Bhagavaan Ji. The daughter escorted him. There, Bhagavaan Ji and Bola Nath Ji kept looking at each other for some time. Then Bhagavaan Ji gestured to him to sit in front of him. Bhagavaan Ji offered him his empty chillum to be loaded. Loading and lighting the cbillum he offered it to Bhagavaan Ji, who had a long puff at it and then started blowing at it in such a manner that a flame appeared at its top. At the same time, he asked Shri Bola Nath to look into a gadu (water pot) and did so himself, too. Then, Bhagavaan Ji started blowing into the gadvi so hard that some water was blown out of it. After about half the water had been blown out, it started raining heavily on the compound side of the house but it was quite sunny on the other side of the house towards the river Jehlum. When the gadvi was quite empty, it started raining on the Jehlum side. Now it was quite sunny on the compound side. Then, they both again started gazing at each other and emitting vibrations from some parts of their bodies. Next, Bhagavaan Ji smoked the chillum and then offered it to Bola Nath Ji. After having a cup of tea, Shri Bola Nath and  daughter returned home.

On the 8th day of Navaratra, Shri Bola Nath asked his daughter to go to Hariparbat to bring some earth from the Mother Hari foot-hills. On the 9th day of Navaratra (Rama Navami), my mother went to Hariparbat early in the morning and brought the earth. The birthday of Lord Rama was duly celebrated by the family. Everyone was very happy. We enjoyed the day by visiting the Lord Rama temple (Ram Chander temple, Barbarshah, Srinagar) with father. In the evening, Shri Bola Nath directed his daughter to see that all the members of the family had their dinner. We children took our meals. At about 9 o'clock Shri Bola Nath went to the bath room and washed his feet, hands and face. Mother grew suspicious due to his unusual actions, about which she


talked to father. They called the elder daughter, Durga )i and brother-in-law (saa/aa), of Bola Nath, Shri Shyam Lai. Mother made the bed for Shri Bola Nath. Returning from the bath-room, he took off his clothes and lay on the bed. Then he asked for the earth brought from Hariparbat and asked his daughter to apply it on his forehead. He called his son-in-law, (my father) and blessed him as also mother. At 9.30 p.m. he stretched himself and lay supine on the bed. Directing his folded hands towards the rising Moon, he uttered the words 'Maataa wony gava panun vaada poora?' (Mother, has the promise been kept?) Chhaa aginyd? (Do I have the permission?) Aum With  these words, he breathed his last.

On that very day at about 4 p.m., Bhagavaan Jj left the Rcshi Mohalla residence for the house of Pandit Ramjoo at Hariparbat. There, he was heard shouting to himself, ''Amis diyiv Naaraan Bhaanam jaay (Give him the seat of Narayan Bhan) Amiss chhu na kenh bisaab dyun (He is not to be questioned,  or, asked to  account for any thing)'.

The next morning, Shri Shankar Nath Zadoo, a great devotee of Bhagavaan Ji's, went to inform him about Shri Bola Nath's passing away. But Bhagavaan ji, on seeing him, said, ''Kyaa sa Bola Nath gava? (Has Bola Nath passed away?)' Shri Zadoo bowed in affirmation? He heard Bhagavaan Ji saying to himself, lVadaan kyaa%i chhiva? Ami kyah nyuva kenh? (Why are you weeping? Has he taken away anything?) After fifteen days, Bhagavaan Ji summoned mother to see him at Hariparbat, so one evening, my parents went to see him. He consoled them, dwelling upon the real nature of life and death.

Once, Bhagavaan Ji and Bola Nath Ji went to Kshir Bhawani. On the way, Bhagavaan Ji suddenly said that his right arm had been broken. On their return from Kshir Bhawani, they went to Alikadal, Srinagar, where Bhagavaan Ji's family lived those days, and found that Bhagavaan Ji's younger brother had died in an accident. Bhagavaan Ji stayed there  for a moment and left for Hariparbat.



In my childhood, I naturally did not know how great Bhagavaan Ji was. 1 used to have his darshana almost everyday, spending hours with him. I would press his hands, feet or head-Sometimes, 1 used to sit on the cushion behind him, lift off his turban and start massaging his head, back or shoulders. Some­times, he would ask me with a smile to massage the exposed parts of his body. I continued with this practice right through my boy-hood. His Holiness's body was shining, smooth, oily, soft and flexible. It gave out a sweet fragrance. The touch of the body caused a soothing, trance - like effect in me. Sometimes, I would arrange the pieces of firewood in the dhoom, and light it. Sometimes, he asked me to distribute his prashaada among the people present in his room. So far as I can remember, he never rebuked, or became angry with me. In my early childhood, I used to take up prashaada from his thaati (rice plate) while he was taking a rice-meal.

Bhagavaan ji always showered his grace upon our family. He remained true to the blessings he had given us before the Havana Kunda in 1948 A.D., helping us out of all our difficulties  and  solving all  our problems.

Bhagavaan Ji himself selected the bridgroom for my elder sister, Smt. Shanta Devi. When father presented to him the list of the boys proposed for her, he selected Shri Pyare Krishen Zadoo. The marriage was performed in 1960 AD in the house of the late Sh. Shyam Lai Malla at Chondpura, where Bhagavaan Ji had been staying. On the day of the baraat, Bhagavaan ji was the first to garland the bridgroom. He was present at the lagna ceremony performed in the room next to his. The baratis were fed on the second floor of the house, and Bhagavaan Ji went up to that floor twice to officiate as  the host.

If my memory serves me right, on many occasions, Bhagavaan Ji would not take food for weeks and months together. It was often mother who would persuade him to take some food. He would invariably desire that the food be  cooked  by  her.