ततः परं ब्रह्मपरं बृहन्तं यथानिकायं सर्वभूतेषु गूढम्। विश्वस्य एक परिवेष्टितारमीशं तं ज्ञात्वा अमृता भवन्ति ॥ 7 ॥            You are the Supreme Brahman, infinite, yet hidden in the hearts of all creatures. You pervade everything. They, who know You, are free from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. (Svetasvatara 3 : 7)            परमात्मा सब प्रकार से सब काल में मुक्त और शुद्ध है। वह अपरिमित और अनन्त होते हुए भी सभी प्राणियों के हृदय में छिपा हुआ है। परमात्मा को जानने वाले व्यक्ति ही जन्म-मरण के चक्र से मुक्त हो जाते हैं।

ज़्येठॖ (ज्येष्ठ) ज़ूनॖ पछॖ (शुक्ल पक्ष) च़ोरम (चतुर्थी) बॊम्वार (मंगलवार),श्री सप्तर्षि सम्वत 5096, Today isJyesth Maas Shukla Paksh Chaturthiyaam Mangalvaasra sanayitaam. Kashmiri Pandit Nirvasan Samvat_31 Sapthrishi Samvat _5096
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Relax a Bit and See What Happens


Why shouldn't I indulge in sensation?

You attempt to remove inner incompletion through indulgence. You feel different sensations would give you completion. But the greed for sensations increases incompletion. The desire for more makes you want more rather than feel complete. During sleep there is no wanting, as you are complete. This does not mean condemning your sense organs. Keep them alive and pure. Sensations are fine as long as you do not get addicted to them. An addiction happens in ignorance

How should I relax?

Learn the art of balancing life. Do not put all your eggs into one basket. Learn to open your body centre through exercise, yoga, deep breathing... learn to open your mind. There is joy when you learn and when you keep your mind open to new possibilities. Learn to open up your bliss centre.

A prince met Lord Buddha whose 'presence' and 'being' inspired him to be a monk. The prince was a great musician and led a luxurious life. After initia­tion, he went to the other extreme. He renounced everything.

He started fasting vigorously and walked on thorns. Buddha inquired, "If the strands of the guitar are very loose, can you play good music?" "No", replied the prince. "If the strands of the guitar are very tight, can you still play good music?" "No", replied the prince.

"Don't go to extremes, it is only through right tuning of the strands that you can play good music. Similarly, balance your life well and automatically music would flow into your life", advised Lord Buddha.

What steps should I take in order to relax?

Mostly, tensions emerge from the way your mind transcribes your experience. For example, a student might enjoy running but when it is made a punishment, running creates tension. The stronger the waves, the more a surfer enjoys it. He is totally present hi the moment. There are no interfering thoughts in him. In such space something in him makes him very alive to the life around him. Be in the present, it is joyful. Live from the 'higher self', not from the lower self'. The 'higher self' encourages you, as it is filled with positive ness. The 'lower self' is an interfering self. It discourages you. It acts more like an obstacle.

Relax your body and mind. When thoughts emerge, see them as a wonder. See the beauty of your thoughts. Do not fight with them. See them like a play. Slowly, you create a synergy with your thoughts. But whenever possible, be without thoughts. Learn the art of being empty. Do not verbalise an experience. Then your mind relaxes. What is the difference between an ambitious and a meditative attitude?

It is like darkness and light. Ambitions keep us hi a whirlpool of tensions in the hope that we will be happy. They want us to be like others or better than others and in the process you become bitter.

Meditation awakens your awareness. Once your awareness is of a high order, you realize the foolishness of comparison. You would not allow others' success to define your failure. You would see the beauty of 'what is' and not get lost in 'what should be'.

Everyone is unique. Everyone is incomparable. You would learn the art of seeing beauty even in imperfection. You would partici­pate in the miracle of life than being busy in judging life. You would listen to the mantra of life or the song of life. Your listening would be with your heart. You will hear music. With this, your per­ception awakens to newer heights.